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Raising capital successfully starts with an understanding of your investability.

The FundIQ Investability Assessments are an in-depth industry-standard appraisal of how you score across the Market, Business Opportunity, Scalability and Executability behind your startup, which together add up to how investable your business is.

The feedback you wish you got from investors.

FundIQ Report analyses your startup's investability and fundraising chances in detail

Accelerate your fundraise in 3 steps.

Get Assessed
(application is less than 30min)

Create your FundIQ account, apply online & pay an assessment fee. Within 7 days, you'll get full report with bespoke, actionable feedback and your investability score.

Get Exposure
(top 3 land in FundIQ Spotlight)

Every FundIQ Report is reviewed by our Investor Partnerships team. Each month, the top-3 highest scoring companies get the opportunity to be promoted to our investor network (a mixture of Angel Groups, Family Offices, and VCs).

Get Investment
(direct and/or co-investment)

FundIQ's own Angel Group selects 1 startup for direct investment, typically investing a collective £150K-£200K. Subsequent larger cheques are available via our co-investment network.

FundIQ Spotlight

Exposure to our investor network & direct investment

Founders invited into the 'FundIQ Spotlight' will have a chance to pitch their startup to our Investment Team and Angel Group in a live event to boost their fundraising reach and efficiency. On top of that, one of the Founders within the Spotlight is also guaranteed direct investment from our Angel Group.

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more than

reports done to date

FundIQ Investability Report contains The Analysis and The Executive Summary part

FundIQ Full Report



plus VAT

24 page analysis + 6 page executive summary

one-off payment

" is by far the most concise and useful feedback I have received on my pitch and I believe will significantly improve it!"

- Chris C., Founder/ Pre Seed

How to use the FundIQ Report


Use feedback to improve

Founders often hear conflicting information on what to fix in their pitch decks (and pitches). We make this simple by providing you a report developed by experts and investors to tell you exactly what you need to do.


Make the investor's life easier

Send the Executive Summary of your Report to an investor in your outreach. It resembles Investment Memos used by investors internally. Save them time = get a response.


Use as a strategic follow-up

Follow up on any of your investor conversations that have gone dead ("...our FundIQ score went up +120...”)


Appendix to your pitch deck

Attach the report's page with your FundIQ Score as an Appendix to your pitch deck, or on your 'Traction' slide.

FundIQ Report Scores Startups on the Market, Business Opportunity, Executability and Scalability to improve capital raising
How ready are you to fundraise?

Securing funding for your startup can be daunting, with many potential roadblocks along the way.


FundIQ is here to help. We make this simple by providing you a report developed by experts and investors to tell you exactly what you need to do.

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