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The science behind
gut instinct

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The FundIQ report provides a bias-free, in-depth analysis of your fundraising potential.


Changing Early-stage Investing for Good

Combining human insight and clever tech, the FundIQ Rating and Assessment is an in-depth analysis of investability.

We built it for founders, to help them enhance their investor proposition and guide them towards improved fundraising outcomes. We offer it to accelerators, VCs and Family Offices, to help them improve fundraising performance across their cohorts and measure impact and outcomes.

Imagine a well-funded, joined-up and innovative economy

Combining human insight and clever tech the FundIQ Rating helps a diverse range of Founders to prepare for and secure early-stage investment. 

The process is simple; you apply, we assess, you then receive your investability rating and a 24- page report containing detailed feedback and actions designed to enhance your chances of fundraising success.

FundIQ simplifies the process, reduces bias and increases opportunity in the early-stage investment marketplace. Equality of access too funding for everyone, everywhere.

Our Process

Getting your ratings report involves three simple steps


Apply & Assess

Step 1

Apply for your FundIQ rating and assessment. It's easy; answer a few questions, then upload your financial model and investment deck. Our assessors will then get to work.


Rating & Report

Step 2

All of the feedback will be compiled and within 7 days your rating will be complete. It will be sent to you in a 24-page report with bespoke, actionable feedback and your investability. Its only for you – we don’t publish ratings.


Funding Access

Step 3

The report identifies strengths and weaknesses in your investor proposition. It provides a range of thoughts and ideas to help with your pitches to secure the funding you are looking for.

Find out how investable you are!

How ready is your startup to raise?

Funding your startup can be daunting, with many potential roadblocks along the way. FundIQ is here to help. Experts in startup funding, we want to help you every step of the way.

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