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Investors don't always feed back on what your pitch is missing.
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Our report does.

How to use the FundIQ Report


Use feedback to improve

Most startups don’t know what is wrong with their company in the eyes of the investors, and they hear conflicting information on what to fix. We make this simple by providing you a report developed by experts and investors to tell you exactly what you need to do.


Use as a strategic follow-up

Follow up on any of your investor conversations that have gone dead ("...our FundIQ score went up +120...”)


Make the investor's life easier

Send the Executive Summary of your Report to the Investor in your outreach email - they resemble Investment Memos used by them internally. Save them time, get better responses.


Appendix to your pitch deck

Attach the report's page with your FundIQ Score as an Appendix to your pitch deck, or on your 'Traction' slide.

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more than

reports done to date

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FundIQ Full Report



plus VAT

24 page analysis + 6 page executive summary

one-off payment

" is by far the most concise and useful feedback I have received on my pitch and I believe will significantly improve it!"

- Chris C., Founder/ Pre Seed

How investable are you?

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Getting your report opens doors to direct investment.

Obtaining your FundIQ Report is the first step in the investment selection process of Sixth Wave Ventures. The team looks at each report and selects a number of highest-scoring ones within their thesis for pitching for direct investment.

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