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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Report open doors to getting direct investment?

Yes. Our Angel Group screens each one of the Report submissions and selects a number of highest-scoring ones for pitching for direct investment.

What kind of Founder would benefit most from getting the Report?

Our reports are most useful to early-stage founders who seek detailed feedback and guidance on their investability & value proposition.

Beyond the Report, what are the benefits of getting assessed?

Apart from being considered for our direct investment and/or fundraising assistance, the Report can be used strategically in your investor outreach and capital raising efforts.

What does the cost (£250.00) cover?

Each one of our Reports is prepared by a combination of our proprietary data software, but also 3 human assessors per each assessment. The fee covers the operational cost of running the software as well as assessors' hourly rate.

Is this just another Pitch Deck analyser tool?

No, we dive in much deeper than the generic AI Pitch Deck analyser tools out there. Based on the 2k+ reports we've done to date, we developed a proprietary data analytics model encompassing over 200+ datapoints on your business. Alongside human assessors, this allows us to deliver much greater depth and actionable insights.

How can I use it in fundraising?

We suggest: mentioning your total Score in your investor outreach emails; attaching a screenshot of your score in your Pitch Deck; putting the Report in your Data Room; sending alongside your fundraising materials after you pitch to an investor.

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